Stitch -N- Glue Pro

Download here: Stitch -N- Glue Pro
Current version: 1

Requirements: Windows 9x, 2000, Me, Xp, Vista, Windows 7. 

Software Features:
    Render full length and scale model blueprints directly from the software!
    Export 3d DXF models
    Generate Kayaks, Canoes and Row Boats using the Row Boat Wizard
    Multiple View Ports: Side, Top, Bottom, Body Plan,
                          Current Section, Volume Distribution
    Spline editing with control (tangent) handles
    2D panel layout 
    3D view with panel stress analysis
    Adjustable water level 
    View water line/hull intersection
    View buttocks lines
    Zoom view
    View in solid or wire frame mode
    Adjustable length and beam and height
    Adjustable number of stations
    Adjustable stitch marks (length and distance between)
    Adjustable number and position of bulkheads
    Create single or tandem kayaks
    Automatic cockpit positioning based on LCB and CG
    Adjustable cockpits
          Length and width
          Aft to center of gravity

    Hydrostatic calculations: 
          Length of water line
          Water line beam
          Half angles (entry and exit)
          Length to beam ratio
          Wet surface area to wet volume ratio
          Theoretical top speed
          Longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB
          %Longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB %
          Longitudinal center of flotation LCF
          %Longitudinal center of flotation LCF %
          Hull form (Fish form and Swede form)
          Kayak weight
          Target displacement
          Design displacement
          Total volume
          Wet volume
          Total surface area
          Wet surface area
          Water plane area
          Max wet cross section area
          Cockpit front and rear depths
          Drag calculations
               Block (Cb)
               Prismatic (Cp)
               Mid ship (Cm)
               Water plane (Cwp)

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